Boston Professional v4.0 Release Notes

Boston Professional v4.0 is a patch release to Boston Professional v3.3
Release Date: 27/08/2018

A summary of the main commits follows:

- Implemented th RDS (Relational Data Structure) in Boston. This allows ORM models to be converted to Entity Relationship Diagrams or Property Graph Schemas.
- Migrated to the new Core model.
- Improved Fact Type Readings. Binary Fact Types now have reciprocal readings showing at same time as the forward reading.
- Sped-up the loading of models.
- Fixed bug when creating a Fact for a Fact Type with a Role referencing a Fact Type with no Facts. Now reports appropriate error to the user and will not allow a new Fact created until the reference Fact Type has at least one Fact.
- Improved displaying Model Elements in the Diagram Spy page.
- Fixed bug in verbalising an Inclusive-OR Constraint - Improved the Startup
- Improvements to FrequencyConstraints
- Sped up saving time.
- Added Context Menu to the Tab of each Page type. So now can 'Close' and 'Close all but this Page' from the Tab of any Page.
- Improved showing Model Elements on Page from the Model Dictionary
- TootTips now shown on Page when an Error is shown on the Page.
- Implemented new v1.6 version of the .fbm XML Import/Export model.
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