Boston Online is a collaborative conceptual modelling tool based in the cloud. Offering all the functionality of Viev’s Boston Professional, Boston Online allows conceptual modelling professionals to collaborate on the development of conceptual models through their web browser, from anywhere in the world.

Featuring full duplex processing, Boston Online shows changes to models made by one person to be immediately reflected in the browser of other professionals working on the same model, wherever they are in the world.

Comprehensive User Management

Boston Online features a comprehensive User Management regime which allows fine control over who sees what, and who can alter what.
Dividing the conceptual modelling world into Groups and Projects, professionals work on Projects in teams. Roles, Functions and Permissions govern each professional’s ability to create, read, alter and delete model elements within the conceptual models within Projects.

Build for professional teams, Boston Online provides the full-feature gain of the Boston Professional Windows-based software, with all the features expected of Windows applications, but right in the browser.