Viev believes in Perpetual Licenses for software products. With a Viev Perpetual License, once you buy a piece of software from Viev, you should expect to be able to use that software until your computer operating system no longer supports the software or where other considerations (including feature upgrades and/or software bugs) cause you to consider upgrading the software to a newer version.

Combining Perpetual Licenses and Annual Subscription Plans

Annual Subscription Plans for Boston Professional include a Perpetual License for that product. If you cease purchasing the Annual Subscription Plan, your Perpetual License for the software still remains current; all that you forfeit is the delivery of software upgrades of the product that you have purchased as part of the Annual Subscription Plan.

- You should expect at least 2 upgrades of Boston Professional per year of subscription.

Viev's Annual Subscription Licensing Plans emanate from Customer demand, where it has been requested  that Viev provide an extra level of service and Customer assurance. Customers require the benefit that comes from a subscription service and which comes in 2 forms:

1. Customers receive the latest updates of the software as soon as it becomes available;

2. The revenue stream from Subscription License Plans further assures the continued business of Viev Pty Ltd and provides a level of insurance to Customers that they will not be left with software that is unsupported.