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Boston v4.0 - 3 Conceptual Modelling Languages in one tool

Boston v4.0 is built for modern database design where professionals need to produce either a relational model or a property graph schema.

Modern database management systems such as Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and BitNine's AgensGraph allow both relational and graph based models to be stored within the one physical database. Graph databases, as a whole, are now commonplace with the likes of Neo4j taking significant market share.

Because Boston allows users to define conceptual models using Object-Role Modelling, the conceptual model developed can easily and readily converted into an Entity Relationship Diagram or a Property Graph Schema.

Boston v4.0 is the first of its type in the world and caters for a new generation of database professionals who are often competent in both relational theory and graph theory.

Here's a video that we have made to introduce Boston v4.0




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